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How to find a bank number in Brazil?

If you hold a bank account in Brazil you’ll be able to find your own bank account number on correspondence from your bank - like a statement - or by logging into your online banking service.

If you need a Brazilian bank number because you’re sending a payment to someone in Brazil, you can also find and validate Brazil bank numbers using the handy tools available here. It’s always worth checking the bank number you have is correct before you initiate a TED or DOC payment. Using the incorrect code will usually result in the payment being cancelled automatically. This means unnecessary delays - and you may still be charged for the transaction, even if it fails.

Main banks and bank numbers in Brazil

Extended bank name Número Código ISPB
Banco Do Brasil 001 00000000
Brb - Banco De Brasilia 070 00000208
Banco Central Do Brasil - Selic n/a 00038121
Banco Central Do Brasil n/a 00038166
Agk Corretora De Cambio 272 00250699
Confederação Nacional Das Cooperativas Centrais Unicred - Unicred Do Brasi 136 00315557
Caixa Economica Federal 104 00360305
Secretaria Do Tesouro Nacional - Stn n/a 00394460
Banco Inter 077 00416968
Banco Ribeirao Preto 741 00517645
Banco Bari De Investimentos E Financiamentos 330 00556603
Banco Cetelem 739 00558456
Banco Semear 743 00795423
Planner Corretora De Valores 100 00806535

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Brazil Bank Numbers - FAQs

What is a Brazil bank number?

A Brazil bank number - numero do banco or código do banco in Portuguese - is a 3 digit code used when sending a payment from one bank account to another. These codes are standardized and agreed among all banks in Brazil, to help the sending bank or third party provider identify the correct institution to get the money to.

Bank numbers like these are one of the ways banks and other third party providers make sure your transfer arrives quickly, safely, and into the correct account.

What do you need the Brazil bank number for?

You’ll need a Brazil bank number if you want to send or receive an international payment to a bank account in Brazil. In fact, you’ll need a numero do banco whenever you send a payment in Brazil, unless the sender and recipient accounts are both held at the same bank. That means the Brazil bank number is necessary even for some domestic payments, including both TED and DOC payments.