BSB Number for National Australia Bank - Page 2

The table below shows the address and BSB Number for all National Australia Bank branches in Australia. Click on the BSB Number for bank details, address, and map.

IDBankCityBranchBSB Number
51National Australia BankBankstownCT 2277 Newington BBC1082-722
52National Australia BankBaradineCT 2530 Baradine Agency082-424
53National Australia BankBarhamCT 2572 Barham Agency082-527
54National Australia BankBarrabaBarraba082-430
55National Australia BankBateau BayBateau Bay082-528
56National Australia BankBatemans BayBatemans Bay082-432
57National Australia BankBatemans BayNowra Partnership 2082-784
58National Australia BankBathurstBathurst082-441
59National Australia BankBathurstBathurst Partnership082-440
60National Australia BankBaulkham HillsBaulkham Hills082-135
61National Australia BankBaulkham HillsCT 2167 Norwest District FSC082-153
62National Australia BankBaulkham HillsCT 2345 Blacktown District BBC082-325
63National Australia BankBaulkham HillsCT2627 Norwest DistriCTBus Ctr082-767
64National Australia BankBaulkham HillsNorth West Sydney 20302082-191
65National Australia BankBaulkham HillsNorwest082-167
66National Australia BankBaulkham HillsNorwest District BBC082-162
67National Australia BankBaulkham HillsNorwest District BBC3082-721
68National Australia BankBaulkham HillsNorwest District Partnership082-718
69National Australia BankBaulkham HillsNSW/ACT Regional & Agri Conn 2082-716
70National Australia BankBegaBega082-439
71National Australia BankBegaBega BBC Delivery ONLY082-776
72National Australia BankBellingenBellingen082-469
73National Australia BankBelmontCT 2864 Belmont082-437
74National Australia BankBerriganCT 2591 Berrigan Agency082-448
75National Australia BankBerryBerry082-435
76National Australia BankBingaraCT 2649 Bingara082-454
77National Australia BankBlacktownBlacktown082-133
78National Australia BankBlacktownCT 2133 Blacktown FSC082-134
79National Australia BankBlayneyBlayney082-461
80National Australia BankBomaderryCT 2762 Bomaderry082-457
81National Australia BankBombalaBombala082-467
82National Australia BankBondi JunctionBondi Junction082-140
83National Australia BankBondi JunctionCT 2100 Bondi Junction FSC PBRs082-235
84National Australia BankBondi JunctionCT 2115 Eastern Suburbs BBC2082-795
85National Australia BankBondi JunctionCT 2140 Bondi Junction FSC082-100
86National Australia BankBondi JunctionCT 2140 Bondi Junction Westfield082-973
87National Australia BankBondi JunctionEastern Suburbs BBC082-115
88National Australia BankBondi JunctionEastern Suburbs Partnership082-953
89National Australia BankBondi JunctionSouth Sydney Partnership082-803
90National Australia BankBourkeBourke082-473
91National Australia BankBowralBowral082-476
92National Australia BankBroken HillBroken Hill082-937
93National Australia BankBrookvaleWarringah Mall082-380
94National Australia BankBurwoodBurwood082-171
95National Australia BankBurwoodCT 2171 Burwood FSC082-216
96National Australia BankBurwoodCT 2216 Burwood FSC PBRs082-236
97National Australia BankByron BayByron Bay082-489
98National Australia BankCabramattaCabramatta082-152
99National Australia BankCamdenCamden082-491
100National Australia BankCampbelltownCampbelltown082-494

Last Database Update : 06-12-2019

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About BSB Numbers

A BSB Number is a six digit numerical code used to identify an individual branch of a financial institution in Australia. BSB Numbers are used in Australian Paper Clearing System (APCS) and Bulk Electronic Clearing System (BECS) payment systems. To make a money transfer, the BSB Number is used together with the bank account number of the recipient.

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