BSB Number for National Australia Bank - Page 39

The table below shows the address and BSB Number for all National Australia Bank branches in Australia. Click on the BSB Number for bank details, address, and map.

IDBankCityBranchBSB Number
1901National Australia BankWest FootscrayCT 3893 Central West BBC1083-696
1902National Australia BankWest FootscrayCT3853 Central West Bus Ctr083-180
1903National Australia BankWest FootscrayMelbourne Nth West Partnership083-895
1904National Australia BankWest MelbourneCT 3446 ISC Technology083-274
1905National Australia BankWest MelbourneCT3832 PFS Pers DireCTUnit Reg 333083-544
1906National Australia BankWest MelbourneCT3832 PFS Pers DireCTUnit Reg 334083-725
1907National Australia BankWheelers HillBrandon Park083-175
1908National Australia BankWhittleseaWhittlesea083-964
1909National Australia BankWilliamstownWilliamstown083-392
1910National Australia BankWodongaCT 3971 Wodonga BBC083-292
1911National Australia BankWodongaWodonga083-971
1912National Australia BankWonthaggiWonthaggi083-975
1913National Australia BankYarra JunctionCT 3739 Yarra Junction083-982
1914National Australia BankYarramYarram Agency083-988
1915National Australia BankYarrawongaYarrawonga083-984
1916National Australia BankAlbanyAlbany086-518
1917National Australia BankAlbanyAlbany Partnership086-519
1918National Australia BankApplecrossCT 6136 Applecross086-113
1919National Australia BankArmadaleArmadale086-116
1920National Australia BankBalcattaCT 6122 Balcatta Business Centre086-262
1921National Australia BankBaldivisBaldivis086-151
1922National Australia BankBelmontBelmont086-131
1923National Australia BankBoddingtonBoddington086-535
1924National Australia BankBooragoonBooragoon086-136
1925National Australia BankBooragoonCT 6136 Booragoon FSC086-139
1926National Australia BankBooragoonCT 6137 Booragoon Business Centre086-141
1927National Australia BankBooragoonCT 6139 Booragoon PBRs086-807
1928National Australia BankBooragoonCT 6271 Booragoon Garden City Kiosk086-148
1929National Australia BankBroomeBroome086-835
1930National Australia BankBull CreekBull Creek086-138
1931National Australia BankBunburyBunbury086-554
1932National Australia BankBunburyBunbury BBC086-555
1933National Australia BankBunburyBunbury Partnership086-553
1934National Australia BankBunburyBunbury-Sandridge Rd086-603
1935National Australia BankBunburyCT 6136 Perth FSC Southern FPUs086-694
1936National Australia BankBunburyCT 6555 Bunbury BBC1086-552
1937National Australia BankBunburyCT 6564 RAM Southern WA086-567
1938National Australia BankBunburyCT 6603 Bunbury FSC086-559
1939National Australia BankBunburyRegional WA 60304086-502
1940National Australia BankBunburyWA Regional & Agri Connect086-130
1941National Australia BankBusseltonBusselton086-565
1942National Australia BankBusseltonBusselton Partnership086-566
1943National Australia BankCanning ValeCanningvale BBC086-133
1944National Australia BankCanning ValeCT 6138 Canning Vale BBC086-161
1945National Australia BankCanning ValePerth South BBC1086-129
1946National Australia BankCanningtonCannington086-147
1947National Australia BankClaremontClaremont086-164
1948National Australia BankClaremontCT 6005 Claremont FSC086-014
1949National Australia BankClaremontCT 6014 West Perth FSC PBRs086-163
1950National Australia BankClarksonOcean Keys Shopping Centre086-412

Last Database Update : 06-12-2019

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About BSB Numbers

A BSB Number is a six digit numerical code used to identify an individual branch of a financial institution in Australia. BSB Numbers are used in Australian Paper Clearing System (APCS) and Bulk Electronic Clearing System (BECS) payment systems. To make a money transfer, the BSB Number is used together with the bank account number of the recipient.

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