BSB Number for Westpac Bank - Page 3

The table below shows the address and BSB Number for all Westpac Bank branches in Australia. Click on the BSB Number for bank details, address, and map.

IDBankCityBranchBSB Number
101Westpac BankBateau BayBateau Bay732-629
102Westpac BankBatemans BayBateman's Bay032-640
103Westpac BankBatemans BayBateman's Bay732-640
104Westpac BankBatemans BayBatemans Bay032-703
105Westpac BankBatemans BayBatemans Bay732-703
106Westpac BankBatemans BayBatemans Bay032-681
107Westpac BankBatemans BayBatemans Bay732-681
108Westpac BankBatemans BayBatemans Bay032-630
109Westpac BankBatemans BayBatemans Bay732-630
110Westpac BankBathurstBathurst032-385
111Westpac BankBathurstBathurst732-385
112Westpac BankBathurstBathurst032-814
113Westpac BankBathurstBathurst032-832
114Westpac BankBathurstBathurst732-814
115Westpac BankBathurstBathurst732-832
116Westpac BankBaulkham HillsBaulkham Hills032-170
117Westpac BankBaulkham HillsBaulkham Hills732-170
118Westpac BankBaulkham HillsInchcape Australia Limited035-827
119Westpac BankBaulkham HillsNorwest032-164
120Westpac BankBaulkham HillsNorwest732-164
121Westpac BankBegaBega032-682
122Westpac BankBegaBega732-682
123Westpac BankBlacktownBlacktown032-071
124Westpac BankBlacktownBlacktown732-071
125Westpac BankBlacktownBlacktown Westpoint032-382
126Westpac BankBlacktownBlacktown Westpoint732-382
127Westpac BankBondi BeachBondi Beach032-050
128Westpac BankBondi BeachBondi Beach732-050
129Westpac BankBondi JunctionBondi Junction032-051
130Westpac BankBondi JunctionBondi Junction032-251
131Westpac BankBondi JunctionBondi Junction032-302
132Westpac BankBondi JunctionBondi Junction732-051
133Westpac BankBondi JunctionBondi Junction732-251
134Westpac BankBondi JunctionBondi Junction732-302
135Westpac BankBondi JunctionBondi Junction032-066
136Westpac BankBondi JunctionBondi Junction732-066
137Westpac BankBondi JunctionBondi Junction032-040
138Westpac BankBondi JunctionBondi Junction732-040
139Westpac BankBowralBowral032-242
140Westpac BankBowralBowral032-716
141Westpac BankBowralBowral032-723
142Westpac BankBowralBowral732-242
143Westpac BankBowralBowral732-716
144Westpac BankBowralBowral732-723
145Westpac BankBroadwayBroadway032-017
146Westpac BankBroadwayBroadway032-033
147Westpac BankBroadwayBroadway732-017
148Westpac BankBroadwayBroadway732-033
149Westpac BankBroadwayBroadway732-249
150Westpac BankBroadwayBroadway032-249

Last Database Update : 06-12-2019

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About BSB Numbers

A BSB Number is a six digit numerical code used to identify an individual branch of a financial institution in Australia. BSB Numbers are used in Australian Paper Clearing System (APCS) and Bulk Electronic Clearing System (BECS) payment systems. To make a money transfer, the BSB Number is used together with the bank account number of the recipient.

The tool is provided for informational purposes only. Whilst every effort is made to provide accurate data, users must acknowledge that this website accepts no liability whatsoever with respect to its accuracy. Only your bank can confirm the correct bank account information. If you are making an important payment, which is time critical, we recommend to contact your bank first.