Bankleitzahl (BLZ) 16050101 - Sparkasse Prignitz

Bankleitzahl (BLZ code) is a numerical code used to identify financial institution branches in Germany. When sending money abroad, the 8 digits code is part of the IBAN.

Sparkasse Prignitz branches

Below is a list with all Sparkasse Prignitz branches having the bank code (BLZ) 16050101.

16050101 Sparkasse Prignitz Bad Wilsnack 19336 51698
16050101 Sparkasse Prignitz Karstädt 19357 51698
16050101 Sparkasse Prignitz Lenzen (Elbe) 19309 51698
16050101 Sparkasse Prignitz Meyenburg 16945 51698
16050101 Sparkasse Prignitz Perleberg 19348 51698
16050101 Sparkasse Prignitz Plattenburg 19339 51698
16050101 Sparkasse Prignitz Pritzwalk 16921 51698
16050101 Sparkasse Prignitz Putlitz 16949 51698
16050101 Sparkasse Prignitz Wittenberge 19322 51698

BLZ code format

All BLZ codes follow the same format in which each of the 8 digits conveys a piece of information to help the bank payment land in the correct account. The format used is as follows:


  • In this format the digit A tells you the geographic clearing area the bank account is held in.
  • The 2 digits which follow - BB - show the bank's more specific location.
  • Next comes C which shows the banking group - the type of banking institution the account is held in.
  • Finally we have the 4 digit DDDD segment which gives specific information about the individual branch which holds the account.

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Deutsche Bank Bankleitzahl (BLZ) FAQs

What is a German bank number (Bankleitzahl/BLZ)?

A Bankleitzahl - often shortened to BLZ - is an 8 digit code used when sending money from one bank to another within Germany. It’s the equivalent to a sort code in the UK, or a routing code in the US, and helps make sure bank to bank payments arrive swiftly and safely.

These days both international and domestic payments within Germany are made using an IBAN - international bank account number - which includes the BLZ code and account number, as well as other important information to guide the transfer.

How to find a bank number in Germany?

If you need to find the BLZ code for a recipient within Germany, you can do so easily using our Bankleitzahl search tool. Simply enter the city the recipient account is held in, and you’ll be shown a list of all the banks in that city along with their BLZ codes.