RZOOAT2L922 - Raiffeisenlandesbank Oberoesterreich AG

Key information for Raiffeisenlandesbank Oberoesterreich AG
  • SWIFT Code RZOOAT2L922
  • Bank Raiffeisenlandesbank Oberoesterreich AG
  • Address Trauner Strasse 77, Traun
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Detailed information about SWIFT Code RZOOAT2L922
BankRaiffeisenlandesbank Oberoesterreich AG
AddressTrauner Strasse 77
BranchZws. Oedt
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Raiffeisenlandesbank Oberoesterreich AG
RZOO Bank Code
AT Country Code
2L Location Code
922 Branch Code

SWIFT Code RZOOAT2L922 Breakdown

Bank Code
RZOO - code assigned to Raiffeisenlandesbank Oberoesterreich AG
Country Code
AT - code belongs to Austria
Location Code
2L - code represents the institution location
Code Status
L - L means active code
Branch Code
922 - code indicates this is a branch office
Head Office
RZOOAT2L - primary office of Raiffeisenlandesbank Oberoesterreich AG, Austria

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