BSB Number for National Australia Bank - Page 33

The table below shows the address and BSB Number for all National Australia Bank branches in Australia. Click on the BSB Number for bank details, address, and map.

IDBankCityBranchBSB Number
1601National Australia BankMelbourneCT 3155 Sth Melbourne BBC-BB4 B083-270
1602National Australia BankMelbourneCT 3155 Sth Melbourne BBC-BB4 C083-412
1603National Australia BankMelbourneCT 3155 Sth Melbourne BBC-BB4 D083-415
1604National Australia BankMelbourneCT 3155 Sth Melbourne BBC-BB4 G083-635
1605National Australia BankMelbourneCT 3179 Melb Office BBC2083-034
1606National Australia BankMelbourneCT 3322 Melb Office BBC-BB3s083-749
1607National Australia BankMelbourneCT 3322 Melbourne Business Centre083-069
1608National Australia BankMelbourneCT 3330 C1 VIC Banker BUID Closures083-853
1609National Australia BankMelbourneCT 3416 nabPrivate Practice 5083-485
1610National Australia BankMelbourneCT 3419 424 St Kilda Rd083-155
1611National Australia BankMelbourneCT 3461 St Kilda Rd BBC2083-481
1612National Australia BankMelbourneCT 3461 St Kilda Rd BBC3083-599
1613National Australia BankMelbourneCT 4051 Cash Services QLD084-244
1614National Australia BankMelbourneCT 7498 National Australia Life Ltd086-958
1615National Australia BankMelbourneCT1192 PS Payment Systems - Visa Ca083-959
1616National Australia BankMelbourneCT3054 Flagstaff - 271 William St083-093
1617National Australia BankMelbourneCT3322 Melbourne Bus Ctr-Micro083-017
1618National Australia BankMelbourneCT3853 Specialised Industries Group083-600
1619National Australia BankMelbourneCT3902 VIC PRM Rrl Provincial FPUs083-694
1620National Australia BankMelbourneDigital - Internet Banking087-266
1621National Australia BankMelbourneDirect Managed-nab Broker SA085-613
1622National Australia BankMelbourneDistribn South - Asset Finance083-374
1623National Australia BankMelbourneDM-Equity Derivatives083-950
1624National Australia BankMelbourneDP Acctng State Ops VIC & TAS083-012
1625National Australia BankMelbourneEastern Branch083-028
1626National Australia BankMelbourneEducation VIC BBC083-720
1627National Australia BankMelbourneGovernment Banking VIC BBC083-589
1628National Australia BankMelbourneHealth Corporate VIC083-248
1629National Australia BankMelbourneHealth VIC BBC1083-353
1630National Australia BankMelbourneIB-BSB3001-VIC083-001
1631National Australia BankMelbourneInternational Banking Div BRC083-011
1632National Australia BankMelbourneInterstar083-126
1633National Australia BankMelbourneIRM-Swaps Trading083-111
1634National Australia BankMelbourneJBWere Cash Trust083-847
1635National Australia BankMelbourneJBWere Cash Trust083-973
1636National Australia BankMelbourneMargin Lending VIC083-114
1637National Australia BankMelbourneMelb High Growth Emerging Corp083-112
1638National Australia BankMelbourneMelb Office BBC083-179
1639National Australia BankMelbourneMelbourne Central Partnership083-659
1640National Australia BankMelbourneMelbourne City 30308083-552
1641National Australia BankMelbourneMelbourne Partnership 2083-303
1642National Australia BankMelbourneMelbourne Partnership 3083-096
1643National Australia BankMelbourneMelbourne Partnership 4083-463
1644National Australia BankMelbourneMidtown Plaza083-469
1645National Australia BankMelbourneMLC Building Society (Vic)083-907
1646National Australia BankMelbourneMM-AUD-Short Term Funding083-099
1647National Australia BankMelbourneMM-Australia Forwards-Trading083-085
1648National Australia BankMelbourneMM-Sht Term Int Rate Risk-VIC083-063
1649National Australia BankMelbourneMobile Banking VIC Metro083-821
1650National Australia BankMelbourneMotor Trades Assoc Aust Super Fund083-286

Last Database Update : 06-12-2019

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About BSB Numbers

A BSB Number is a six digit numerical code used to identify an individual branch of a financial institution in Australia. BSB Numbers are used in Australian Paper Clearing System (APCS) and Bulk Electronic Clearing System (BECS) payment systems. To make a money transfer, the BSB Number is used together with the bank account number of the recipient.

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